Boiling Point is looking for a new home: end of an era, start of the new?

Boiling Point is looking for a new home: end of an era, start of the new?

Dear HEDON Members,

As a supporter of the HEDON Household Energy Network we are writing to you about the future of the network and our publication Boiling Point. For 25 years we have sought to support the household energy sector by getting information out to people that need it, and connecting people throughout the world.


HEDON relies on generous volunteers, and donor funding to publish Boiling Point. Funding has always been scarce and our volunteers are all overcommitted. The  HEDON board therefore decided at our board meeting of 21 April to close HEDON down. This also implies that the publication of Boiling Point will be discontinued unless it can be transferred to someone else.


So, Boiling Point is looking for a new home. The (upcoming) Boiling Point 69 will be the last issue produced HEDON. Boiling Point has a unique focus bringing high quality peer-reviewed journal content to energy access practitioners, creating an independent space for learning, discussion, and championing of voices from the field. Its practical know-how and toolkits are also of interest to others within the energy access community, including academics, businesses, and donors. Boiling Point has a widespread print distribution, reaching and being used by practitioners in some of the remotest parts of the world.


HEDON would like to invite organisations who are potentially interested in taking Boiling Point forward to get in touch. The journal comes with a big subscriber base, an established peer review and publication process, and a willingness from the HEDON team to assist with a smooth transition.


HEDON would also sincerely like to thank all of those who have supported Boiling Point and the network over the years. You may have contributed financially, or with time and effort to produce the high-standard content the network and journal has achieved, or you may be part of the vibrant and diverse readership community providing input and feedback. So from all of us at HEDON: THANK YOU!!!


Please contact us if you are interested, by emailing Grant Ballard-Tremeer on


The HEDON board

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