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Is cooking on batteries really a good idea?

Conventional wisdom tells us that using batteries for thermal applications is generally not a good idea, as they are expensive and using high-grade electrical energy to produce lower grade heat energy would be inefficient. However a new article published in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments explores this proposition in the context of ever decreasing battery […]

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Acumen launch the first of their new Research series on the social impacts of Energy Access.

Acumen have just launched the first of a series of research reports into the social impacts of energy access. With funding from Google, and in partnership with SolarAid and ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Acumen set out o learn more about solar energy’s impact on the alleviation of income poverty. The research […]

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Hot Off the Press: Neoliberal energy transitions in the South: Kenyan experiences

Peter Newell and Jon Phillips have published a really interesting perspective on recent energy transitions in Kenya in the latest edition of Geoforum. Highlights• Energy transitions in the South occur within a global political economic context.• Neoliberal reforms in Kenya have enabled new conventional and renewable energy investments.• New energy systems that can serve existing […]

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Agricultural residue gasification for low-cost, low-carbon decentralized power: An empirical case study in Cambodia

The latest edition of Applied Energy has an interesting article by John Filed and his colleagues comparing experiences of four rice gasification projects in Cambodia. Highlights • Four operating small-scale distributed gasification power systems were observed. • System carbon and energy balance, profitability, and GHG performance were assessed. • Best systems mitigated >1 MgCO2eq (Mg […]

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Hot Off the Press: Energy poverty and perceptions of solar power in marginalized communities: Survey evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the reasons why people in off-grid communities decide (or not) to invest in off-grid energy alternatives (particularly solar home systems). In a new article entitled in Renewable Energy entitled ‘Energy poverty and perceptions of solar power in marginalized communities: Survey evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India,’ Johannes […]

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Hot Off the Press: Energy security in Bangladesh perspective—An assessment and implication

Another recent paper in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews includes an examination of Energy security in Bangladesh by Aminul Islam and colleagues. Abstract: Energy is a key indicator of the nation’s overall economic as well as social development. Looking at the present energy demand scenario in Bangladesh, electricity demand has significantly increased over the past […]

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Bioenergy potential from crop residue biomass in India

The same edition of R&SERs as the previous post also has an interesting article on “Bioenergy potential from crop residue biomass in India” by  Moonmoon Hiloidhari, Dhiman Das and D.C. Baruah. Abstract: Biomass based energy generation is one of the major focus areas of renewable energy programs in India. The strength of India’s biomass resources […]

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Hot Off the Press: Solar energy applications and development in Nigeria: Drivers and barriers

There is a new article by Olayinka Ohhunakin and colleagues on Solar energy applications and developments in Nigeria in one of the latest editions of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Abstract: In this study, current perspectives of solar energy utilization as a renewable energy option in Nigeria are examined and discussed from the standpoint of […]

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New Article: Current status and future prospects of renewable energy in Nigeria

The latest edition of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews has an article reviewing the prospects for the uptake of renewable energy in NIgeria by Abubakar Sadiq Aliyua, Joseph O. Dadab and Ibrahim Khalil Adamd Abstract Nigeria is faced with chronic electricity crisis that has resulted in the crippling of most sectors of the economy. It […]

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Tontine: Self-help financing for solar home systems

Boucar Diouf has an article in the latest edition of Renewable Energy exploring the financing of solar home system programmes in Senegal via self-help financing systems. Abstract The main limitation for a consistent expansion of rural electrification in developing countries is financial. In this paper we propose a new method of financing to access solar […]

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