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A SES (sustainable energy security) index for developing countries

Kapil Narula and Sudhakara Reddy have an article in the latest edition of Energy which explores the calculation of an energy security index for ‘developing’ countries. Highlights A SES (sustainable energy security) index is proposed for developing countries. A hierarchical structure includes the entire energy system from supply to end use. The performance of all […]

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Behave and save?: Behaviour, energy efficiency and performance of micro and small enterprises in Uganda

The latest edition of Energy Research and Social Science has an article by Babette Never on energy efficiency amongst small enterprizes in Uganda, it can be downloaded for free until early May (follow the link below). Abstract This paper analyses the role of behavioural factors for the energy management of MSEs in Sub-Sahara Africa for […]

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Rescaling and Reordering Nature–Society Relations: The Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Dam

The latest edition of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers contains an interesting piece on Laos-Thailand electricity networks and the implications of the Nam Theun 2 hydropower dam. Abstract In 2010, the largest hydropower dam ever constructed in Laos, the Nam Theun 2 (NT2) Power Project, was completed with crucial—indeed, deal-making—support from the […]

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Guest Blog: Simon Batchelor of Gamos on the Prospects for Electric Cooking

Some of you will have heard me over the last couple years talking about the idea of Solar PV Cooking. In mid 2015, DFID became very interested, even pitching it to the then Minister. They remained healthily skeptical of the proposition, and so commissioned some ‘evidence on demand’ reports. These are peer reviewed reports the […]

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Accelerating access to electricity in Africa with off-grid solar

ODI (in collaboration with GOGLA, Solr Aid and Practical Action) have recently completed a series of reports for DFID on accelerating access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa through solar household solutions on connection with the Energy Africa campaign. As explained on their website, These reports present evidence of the impact of solar household systems, review […]

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New Article: Social Innovation and Chinese Overseas Hydropower Dams: The Nexus of National Social Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Johan Nordensvard, Frauke Urban and Grace Mang have an interesting new article in the latest edition of Sustainable Development looking at the approaches towards social impact of major hydropower projects in China. Abstract: The nexus between hydropower dams, social policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a currently understudied topic. This paper aims to fill […]

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Status of Rural Electrification in India, Energy Scenario and People’s Perception of Renewable Energy Technologies – Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment – Volume 35, Issue 1

The latest edition of Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment has an interesting article by Kulkarni and Anil exploring the current status of Indian rural electrification. Abstract: Energy is at the heart of most critical economic, environmental and developmental issues facing the world today. Clean, efficient, affordable and reliable energy services are indispensable for […]

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Barriers to the Transfer of Low-carbon Electricity Generation Technologies in Four Latin American Countries

There is a really interesting article by Desgain and Haselip in the latest edition of Energy Sources. As explained in the abstract, This article discusses the conclusions of four national Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) processes in Latin America (2011-2013), as applied to the electricity sector. The primary focus is on the financial and economic barriers […]

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Practical Action Policy and Practice – Energy Access and Urban Poverty in Mozambique.

Practical Action have just published the fourth in their series of Poor People’s Energy Briefings. Written in collaboration with the Bartlett Development Planning Unit at UCL the paper, written by Vanesa Castán Broto, Lucy Stevens and Diana Salazar, explores how the poor access energy in Maputo, and the barriers and opportunities for improving that access. […]

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A Sustainable Energy Security (SES) Index for Developing Countries

We would like to draw your attention to a recently published paper in ‘Energy’ titled A Sustainable Energy Security (SES) Index for Developing Countries. The following personal article link will provide free access to the article, and is valid for 50 days, until January 11, 2016   Abstract Measuring the performance of the energy system of […]

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