For Consideration: Attending US Conferences

For Consideration: Attending US Conferences

The LCEDN is an integral part of  global attempts to build an international community promoting the sustainable spread of low carbon technologies in support of enhancing the life opportunities for urban and rural communities.

Taking part in face to face meetings and conferences are an important part of that process but when a whole swathe of the global community are excluded from participating within such activities in one nation simply because of their nationality or religion then as a community we need to ask ourselves some searching questions about whether or not we should organise or attend conferences there.

Given these circumstances, LCEDN members may wish to consider signing up to a growing boycott of US conferences whilst the current Executive Order placing a 90-day ban on anyone entering the US from seven Muslim majority countries holds:

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Text of the Call

In Solidarity with People Affected by the ‘Muslim Ban’: Call for an Academic Boycott of International Conferences held in the US

On 27 January 2017, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order putting in place a 90-day ban that denies US entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. So far, the ban includes dual nationals, current visa, and green card holders, and those born in these countries while not holding citizenship of them. The Order also suspends the admittance of all refugees to the US for a period of 120 days and terminates indefinitely all refugee admissions from Syria. There are indications that the Order could be extended to include other Muslim majority countries.The Order has affected people with residence rights in the US, as well as those with rights of entry and stay. Some of those affected are fleeing violence and persecution, and have been waiting for years for resettlement in the US as refugees. Others are effectively trapped in the US, having cancelled planned travel for fear that they will be barred from returning. The order institutionalises racism, and fosters an environment in which people racialised as Muslim are vulnerable to ongoing and intensifying acts of violence and hatred.

Among those affected by the Order are academics and students who are unable to participate in conferences and the free communication of ideas. We the undersigned take action in solidarity with those affected by Trump’s Executive Order by pledging not to attend international conferences in the US while the ban persists. We question the intellectual integrity of these spaces and the dialogues they are designed to encourage while Muslim colleagues are explicitly excluded from them.


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