Innovate UK announce Energy Catalyst round 4 Funding – now jointly funded by DFID.

Innovate UK announce Energy Catalyst round 4 Funding – now jointly funded by DFID.

The Energy Catalyst

(from the Energy Catalyst site). The aim of the Energy Catalyst is to speed up the best of UK innovation at all development stages. It helps businesses progress their innovations to commercial readiness.

Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) set up the Energy Catalyst in 2013. The Department for International Development (DFID) joined as a co-funder of the Energy Catalyst in 2016.

DFID and EPSRC are funding this competition with a budget of up to £9 million. DFID’s funding will support innovation that is relevant to the needs of developing countries. In particular, this will help transform energy access for communities in sub-Saharan countries.

Competition dates

This competition is open now. Registration closes for the mid-stage and late-stage awards on 8 June 2016. Registration closes for the early-stage award on 7 September 2016. All 3 competitions close on 14 September 2016.

This funding competition

The fourth round of the Energy Catalyst is now open. There are 3 awards, each open to businesses, universities and research organisations:

  • early-stage award – technical feasibility
  • mid-stage awards – technology development
  • late-stage awards – pre-commercial technology validation

The competition supports innovative solutions in any technology or sector area. The proposed solutions can focus on any part of the energy trilemma.

Further Information about Eligibility:

The Energy Catalyst is open to UK businesses and research organisations, including academia, from any sector who can address the
three key challenges facing the global energy sector. Organisations
from developing countries may also participate in projects (but not lead) and are eligible for funding by DFID at the same intervention rates as apply to UK partners. The Energy Catalyst will fund projects which specifically deliver innovative solutions that address all elements of the energy ‘trilemma’ of reducing emissions, improving security of supply and reducing cost. DFID’s grant funding into Round 4 has the additional objective of “Transforming Energy Access” for poor households and communities, particularly in Sub-Saharan and South Asian countries.
The objective of the Energy Catalyst is to accelerate UK business growth and GDP in this global market area by leveraging the best of UK energy technology innovation. The energy “trilemma” presents an international as well as a UK market opportunity to UK businesses and applicants may
focus on addressing market needs in any country provided that the project is also relevant to the nee ds of developing countries.
For Round 4 of the Energy Catalyst, DFID is targeting innovative energy technologies from UKenterprises and academia, optionally working with international partners, which have the potential to transform energy access for poor households, enterprises and communities in developing
countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa and south-Asian countries
where electricity grids are often unbalanced, unreliable or unavailable. DFID funding can be applied through Innovate UK and the Lead UK Partner in funded projects to support project partners in Developing Countries: applications into Round 4 are encouraged (not required)
to include partners from Developing Countries. Additional background information on DFID’s “Transforming Energy Access” programme
is available on the competition webpage.
The involvement of multiple funding partners in the Energy Catalyst,
together with the wide spectrum of technology and markets being addressed by applicants, allows individual funders to direct their funding towards the highest-quality applications that additionally meet their specific requirements. In Round 4, EPSRC funding is directed towards academic partners in projects where the level of scientific excellence is highest; DFID co-funding is focussed on projects that can best address the needs of developing countries. In the event that additional co-funding for Round 4 becomes available at any time, Innovate UK reserves the right to fund high-quality applications.

For more details and Application forms see: Funding competition: Energy Catalyst round 4 – Publications – GOV.UK

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