Mobile for Development Utilities – Innovation Fund Now Open

Mobile for Development Utilities – Innovation Fund Now Open

DFID have recently announced the opening of their Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities Innovation Fund

This fund aims to test and scale the use of mobile services to improve or increase access to energy, water and sanitation services. The fund was launched in June 2013. In two phases of funding, grants have been competitively awarded to 34 organisations across four continents, amounting to GBP 5.6 million.

The objective of the Innovation Fund is to extract insights from the trial and scaling of innovative models to inform three key questions for growing the sector:

How can mobile support utility services?

For a mobile-enabled solution to be adopted at scale, what building blocks are needed?

What are the social and commercial impacts of delivering community services to underserved mobile subscribers?

The Innovation Fund is open to: Mobile operators Technology solutions providers Energy, water, or sanitation services providers, including: Decentralised service providers Urban and peri-urban utilities, and NGOs trialling business model approaches who propose to implement innovative products or services that include the use of one or more Mobile Channels as a significant element of the delivery model.

Please note that strong preference will be given to applicants that are NOT implementing pay-as-you-go energy services in East Africa.What types of grants are available?

The two types of grants the programme awards are:

For further details over how to apply see DFID’s Fund site: Mobile for Development Utilities – Innovation Fund | Mobile for Development

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