Research contract funding available: GOGLA solar system socio-economic impacts project

Research contract funding available: GOGLA solar system socio-economic impacts project

The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) is inviting researchers to tender for an opportunity to conduct research for a project entitled ‘the Socio-Economic Impact of Solar Systems – Leveraging Pay as You Go Data and Customer Interactions to Assess Impact’.

Please refer to the summary below, and to the attached files for detailed information:


GOGLA is a neutral, independent, not-for-profit association which acts as an industry enabler and advocate. GOGLA supports the growth and strengthens the market for clean, quality off-grid lighting and electrical systems for households, SMEs and communities in developing countries. Created to accelerate access to modern energy, in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 7, GOGLA’s objective is to help the industry grow quickly but sustainably by focusing efforts on access to finance, creating an enabling environment and quality assurance and consumer protection. Formed in 2012 as a public-private initiative, GOGLA was conceived out of a joint World Bank / IFC Lighting Africa and private sector effort to accelerate market development for energy access. Today GOGLA comprises over 80 members from all over the world. GOGLA’s vision is for the off-grid lighting and electrification sector to help deliver universal entry-level electrification well ahead of 2030.

Within its enabling environment program, GOGLA is carrying out research on the socioeconomic impact of Pay as You Go (PAYG) solar household solutions. This work is funded by the UK Department of International Development (DfID). The research seeks to leverage the customer data collection infrastructure already put in place by GOGLA member companies in order to assess the socioeconomic impacts of different system sizes on households without connection to the electric grid. After testing the feasibility of the research idea in a first phase, the project is now entering the second phase of carrying out the actual research (see the work plan for the second phase in Annex 1 of the 30-page document for more information). Eight GOGLA members selling PAYG solar systems have confirmed their intent to participate in the research, and another 1-2 companies may sign up to join. Two PAYG technology service providers have also expressed interest in assisting with the research. A list of participating companies and their geographic location can be found in Annex 2 of the attached 30-page document.

To that end, GOGLA seeks to contract a Third-Party research team which will carry out the actual research. The team may consist of different organizations (consortium).

Socioeconomic Research Feasibility_Design_Workplan_April


Socioeconomic impact questions – Final Draft – March 2017


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