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Next Smart Villages/LCEDN Webinar: Scaling up gender: Women in off-grid energy business models & supply chains

In August, we held a successful webinar focusing on women and entrepreneurship in off-grid communities, with views from Solar Sister, Ajima Farms Ltd, Power4All, and Kopernik.
For our next webinar, we will hear from off-grid companies, including Frontier Markets...

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Webinar: Addressing Energy Governance: Questions of Scale and Scope (July 18th)

Our next Webinar with Smart Villages is taking place on Monday July 18th between 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST This webinar brings together researchers working on energy governance issues from a range of projects funded under two different DFID initiatives. These initiatives are the EPSRC/DFID/DECC funde...

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Action: Please Consider Signing This Call for SE4All to Make Energy Equity Core To Its Mandate

The need to establish equity at the core of international efforts to deliver universal energy access was among the recommendations made at Waterloo Global Science Initiative’s (WGSI) OpenAccess Energy Summit – a gathering of researchers, practitioners, representatives of Canada’s First Nations...

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