Rapid response reviews

The LCEDN has periodically been asked by our colleagues within the Department for Energy and Climate Change to provide short (less than four pages) responses summarising key features of particular policy debates, technological issues or other questions. These requests have been circulated amongst the LCEDN membership with a request for comments and contributions which we have used to draft a response to the question. This draft has then been circulated and further comments/responses requested before producing a final draft. We are making these drafts available here and would welcome further comments upon their content etc. We are in the process of designing an interface which will allow us to respond to future requests in an innovative way here on the website itself – keep watching this space for updates.

The first two Rapid Response Reviews on geothermal and small island state are available for download and comment, the next two on urban cooling and green mini-grids are in process and will be posted here once the final versions have been drafted.


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