Smart Villages webinars

In conjunction with the Smart Villages Initiative, the LCEDN is hosting monthly webinars which focus on a different topic relating to energy development each month. These webinars have been hugely successful to date, drawing in large audiences from diverse career backgrounds.


Upcoming webinars.


August webinar – date and topic to be confirmed.


Past webinars.

Most recently held:

26 July 2017, 14:00 GMT onwards. Webinar topic: ‘Off-grid but online: ICT in the last mile’. The webinar can be viewed here.

ICT is clearly a game changer both for on-grid and off-grid areas of the world. With smartphones, people in remote, “last mile” areas are increasingly gaining access to the internet and gaining access to information, social media, entertainment, and communication with far-flung family and friends. But mobile phones aren’t the only way that ICT is changing lives in off-grid areas.

In this webinar, we were joined by several speakers who brought their expertise in ICT in off-grid contexts to the table. We addressed a series of questions including: how can ICT / mobile technology be used to improve development outcomes? How can it impact health, education, and agriculture and livelihoods? What is next on the horizon for disruptive ICT technologies for off-grid communities? We were joined by the following speakers:

Jay Evans, Medic Mobile

Richard Mori, Mesh Power

Suhas P. Wani, ICRISAT / CGIAR



22 June 2017, 14:00 GMT onwards (1 hour approx.). The webinar topic was ‘Reaping the benefits of energy access: gender, policy and practice’. The webinar can be viewed here

In this webinar, we were joined by several speakers who spoke about their experience with gender & energy policy and practice in the context of rural development. We were guided by questions such as – what must still be done at the policy level to ensure that women and girls have access to energy – and that they benefit from this access? (In terms of economic benefits, education, health, etc.). How can we ensure via policy that men, women, and children benefit from energy access & achieve positive outcomes for all communities / family? In practice, what has been achieved thus far in communities? What must still be done? How can national energy / gender policies best be implemented at the local level and encourage women’s entrepreneurship and leadership? The following speakers contributed:

  • Ana Rojas, Gender and Energy Task Manager for the GGO’s Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities (GECCO) programme
  • Govind Kelkar, Landesa Rural Development Institute / Energia Network
  • Moni Gupta, University of Cambridge / Co-founder of Mobile Education for Smart Technology
  • Sayouba Guira, Director, Nafa Naana Gratiano Widi, Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia Program Manager, Kopernik


Webinar archives:

All past webinars can be accessed at




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