Transforming Energy Access (TEA) initiative

Transforming Energy Access (TEA) initiative


The LCEDN’s Transforming Energy Access (TEA) initiative is an 18 month ‘Partnerships for Skills Development’ programme that aims to fast-track the activity of the Department For International Development (DFID) ‘Transforming Energy Access for Households and Improved Livelihoods’ intervention. The TEA initiative will contribute towards the broad transformative impact of DFID’s intervention on the design and deployment of renewable energy solutions across the Global South, especially in Africa. The initiative is funded by DFID and commenced in December  2016.

The LCEDN’s initiative will add value to the TEA intervention via two main streams of work:

(1) LCEDN Programme of Skills Development and Research Innovation Integration. This workstream has two main sets of activities. The first focuses on mapping and strengthening the coordination of UK energy and development research and innovation activity and exploring alternative approaches towards ODA energy research/innovation spending in the UK going forward. The second focuses on strengthening the LCEDN’s community building activities by funding activities such as: capacity building workshops and partnering prizes, short-term placement programmes, developing new approaches to broadening academic dissemination, further development of the LCEDN website and the holding of two major LCEDN conferences;

(2) Specific Capacity Building Alliances. This workstream complements the LCEDN-led activities of the first stream by delivering a series of capacity building alliances with key partners and stakeholders through which specific knowledge and skills can be nurtured and developed. We are working with the following key partners:


The TEA initiative is co-coordinated by Dr Ed Brown of Loughborough University, UK, and Dr Ben Campbell of Durham University, UK, together with Dr Jon Cloke (Loughborough University) in his capacity as the LCEDN’s network manager. The initiative’s management team is further strengthened by two Research Associates: Dr Long Seng To, who will be based at Loughborough University, and a yet to be appointed Associate based at Durham University.

General enquiries about the TEA initiative can be directed to: , tel +44(0)1509 228423.

TEA-related events coming up include:

  • May 15-16th 2017, Loughborough. Workshop with ENERGIA and LCEDN; colleagues exploring key dimensions of gender in energy and development research;
  • May 19th 2017, London. Brokerage event for the next round of the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst programme;
  • August 2017. Workshop in India focussed on forming a community of practice on Energy and Gender;
  • September 11-12th 2017. LCEDN Annual Conference Equity and Energy Justice;
  • November 2017. Early career sessions on bid development with partnership prizes up for grabs;
  • December 2017. Final workshop of the USES Programme to be held in Nakuru, Kenya;
  • January 2018. Second EU-Africa research symposium to be held in Lesotho;
  • March 2018. ICDRET in Kathmandu, Nepal;
  • May 2018. Annual LCEDN Conference (venue to be confirmed).


Keep an eye on our News and Events announcements for details of these activities as they are announced….



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