This page provides a handy ‘one stop shop’ for all of the materials produced by each of the USES projects teams.


Main Website: AGRICEN Homepage

Outputs So Far:

Conference papers

L.S. To, S. Karekezi, A. Barnett, S. Batchelor, Y. Mulugetta, M. Leach, & K. Kwapata (2014), Agro-Industries and Clean Energy in Africa, 4th Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa, 8-10 October, Marrakesh

Working papers

S. Karekezi (2014) Status of Cleaner Energy Development in Agro-industries of Eastern & Southern Africa, AFREPREN/FWD working paper 409

Outputs Web-Page



Main Website: Energy and Low-Income Tropical Housing Homepage

Project Partner Links

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

Low income housing in hot climates: reducing energy use and climate emissions: state of the art and new directions. C.Butters, Warwick/ELITH/Kampala 2016

The Carbon Impact of Site Works and Infrsastructures. Butters (BRI submitted).ELITH, 2016. C.Butters, T.H.Thomas, Warwick/ELITH, 2016

Sustainable Urban Block Design Proposal, Ningbo. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters, UNNC/Warwick/ELITH 2016

Energy Use and Carbon Emission of Low-medium-income Houses in Northern Thailand. Tummu et al., Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology. ISSN 1905-7873 2016

Embodied Energy of Rural Houses in Uganda. The Nkozi Survey. R.Mutschler, Cambridge/ELITH 2016



Main Website: ESCOBOX website

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

R. Gammon, P. Boait & V. Advani, (2016) Management of demand profiles on mini-grids in developing countries using timeslot allocation. 2016 IEEE PES PowerAfrica, Livingstone, Zambia, 2016, pp. 41-45

Boait, Advani & Gammon (2015) Estimation of demand diversity and daily demand profile for off-grid electrification in developing countries. Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol. 29, pp. 135 – 141



Main Website:
Presentations from project meetings:

Project Reports

Task 1.2 Baseline energy consumption of MECON households. J. Kamsamrong, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Vietnam, February 2015.

Household energy efficiency: a socio-economic perspective. J. Tomei, G. Anandarajah, UCL-Energy Institute, Bartlett School of Energy, Environment and Resources, UCL, UK, December 2014

Task 2: Technological Perspectives Synthesis Report. Mr. SAN Vibol, Prof. Dr. SOK Kunthy, Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia, 2015

Task 4 Energy efficiency policy analysis: The summary of barriers in the GMS countries and best practice energy efficiency policy. P. Piyasil, Dr. M. Beerepoot, The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), Bangkok, Thailand, June 2015



Main Website: RE4Food Homepage

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

P.B. Pathare, A.P. Roskilly (2016). Quality and energy evaluation in meat cooking. Food Engineering Reviews, Vol. 8, Issue 4, pp. 435 – 447

J.O. Akowuah, L.D. Mensah, C. Chan, A.P. Roskilly (2015). Effects of practices of maize farmers and traders in Ghana on contamination of maize by aflatoxins: Case study of Ejura-Sekyeredumase Municipality. African Journal of Microbiology Research, Vol. 9(25), pp. 1658-1666.

Other Reports

Renewable Energy For Efficient Food Processing To Improve Rural Livelehoods (RE4FOOD)

Stakeholder’s Workshop Reports: December 2013, March 2014, October 2015



Main Website: Solar Nano-Grids Homepage
Notes: Kenyan Consultation Workshop

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

M. Rezwan Khan and E. Brown (2014) DC nanogrids: A low cost PV based solution for livelihood enhancement for rural Bangladesh. Proceedings of 2014 3rd International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology, ICDRET.

M. Rezwan Khan and E. Brown (2014) A Concept of DC Nano-Grid for Low Cost Energy Access in Rural Bangladesh. In Schafer, M, Kammen, D, Kebir, N, Philipp, D (ed) Innovating Energy Access for Remote Areas: Discovering Untapped Resources, Berkeley California, pp.79-83, (ii)


Main website: Barriers Project Homepage

Great African Bake-Off Video

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

M. Clifford, S. Jewitt & C. Ray (2016) The introduction and uptake of improved cookstoves: Making sense of engineers, social scientists, barriers, markets and participation. Boiling Point, Issue 64.



Main website: Energy from Rice Straw Project Homepage

Outputs So Far

How does burning of rice straw affect CH4 and N2O emissions? A comparative experiment of different on-field straw management practices:
Energy efficiency and cost-benefits of rice straw mechanized collection:

Project Resources Website



Main website: Green Growth Diagnostics Homepage

Outputs So Far

Working Papers:

P. Newell et al (2014) The Political Economy of Low Carbon Energy in Kenya

A. Pueyo et al (2015) Green Growth Diagnostics for Africa: Literature Review and Scoping Study

A. Pueyo, S. Bawakyillenuo & H. Osiolo (2016) Cost and Returns of Renewable Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparison of Kenya and Ghana

S. Spratt et al (2016) From Growth to Green Investment Diagnostics

Final research report: Green Investment Diagnostics for Africa



Main website: READ Project Homepage

Outputs So Far

Working Papers:

S. Batchelor & J. Smith (2014) Energy Proficiency for Decentralised Governance
S. Batchelor, J. Smith & J. Fleming (2014) Decentralisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence, scope and challenges

READ Project Outputs Repository

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Main Website: SAMSET Project Homepage

Project Blog

Outputs So Far

Working Papers:

X. Lemaire & D. Kerr (2016) SAMSET Scoping Review: Urban Energy Transition in the Global South

S. Batchelor et al (2015) Energy and Urbanisation in SAMSET Countries: A Synthesis of Three Reviews of Context and Literature

Sustainable Energy Africa (2016) Well-to-Wheels Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Comparison between Battery Electric Vehicles, non-Plug in Hybrids and Conventional Passenger Cars for South Africa

Academic Papers:

J. Silver & S. Marvin (2016) Powering sub-Saharan Africa’s urban revolution: An energy transitions approach. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 4

J. Silver (2015) The potentials of carbon markets for infrastructure investment in sub-Saharan urban Africa. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Vol. 13, pp. 15-31



Main Website: STEPs Project Homepage

Project Blog

Outputs So Far

Published Journal and Conference Papers:

X. Lemaire & D. Kerr (2016) The Regulatory Framework for the Development of the Solar Water Heater Industry in the Caribbean. Organisation of Caribbean Utility Regulators OOCUR 14th Annual Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Working Papers:

M. Philips (2014) Business Models for the Delivery of Modern Thermal Energy Services – The Cases of Ghana and Tunisia

R. Aitken (2014) Case studies on PPP frameworks based on Energy Sector Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa

B. Parthan (2014) Rural Business Models in Asia: A Literature Review



Main Website: Low Cost Technologies Homepage

Outputs So Far

Working Papers:

M. Cheruiyot (2016) SURVEY REPORT – Progress, challenges and lessons learnt to date

ACTS (2016) A Desk Assessment Of Current Products And Players Involved In The Development And Sale Of Domestic Energy Efficient Products In Kenya

Workshop Report (2016) Improved Cookstoves, Next Generation Ideas


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