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The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN) brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from across the United Kingdom to expand research capacity around low-carbon development in the countries of the Global South.

It links existing expertise in international development, renewable energy transitions and science and technology studies in order to enhance and support interdisciplinary research, learning and policy-formation for this increasingly important and rapidly changing field.

The LCEDN comprises internationally-renowned universities and thriving energy research institutes, alongside partnerships with the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and expanding worldwide associations. This enables a unique environment for dialogue, discussion and the generation of ideas for funding.

The network provides a hub for academics, government bodies and others to identify common interests, share ideas and information and address emerging opportunities.

If you would like to join or receive more information please contact us. Alternatively, use our Directory of Expertise search tool and the Community section to find members with interests that compliment your own.

For the latest news and opinions from the energy for development community, please follow @UKLCEDN on Twitter.


Dr Ed Brown, Co-coordinator of the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network talks to RTCC about why the network formed, what they hope to achieve and why a much more multi-disciplinary approach is needed to low carbon development in the Global South.


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    “International collaboration on energy research is vital to support low carbon options for developing countries and help tackle climate change. Through this initiative we can offer our world-leading expertise in sustainable energy solutions and learn valuable lessons from countries that are undergoing rapid change.” - Gregory Barker, MP Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change




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